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Every year, more than 11 million people ride PATCO, the high-speed subway that connects South Jersey with downtown Philadelphia.

However, without an official app, and an outdated website, it can be difficult for riders to get the information they need about trains, stations, transfers, and accessibility. Information is often disseminated only through Twitter, which can only reach a limited audience, and special schedules are made available only through PDFs, which are not accessible and difficult to read.

After beginning to ride more frequently in 2019, these issues became more apparent to me. To see how a dedicated app could improve on the travel experience, I created a concept consisting of a few screens, demonstrating real-time data, location services, and Apple Wallet integration.

In 2021, I designed, built, and released PATCO Companion, an iOS app that provides a countdown to upcoming scheduled trains, service updates, schedule changes, and elevator & escalator status — all in one place.

The app is built entirely in SwiftUI, and is powered by a PHP-based backend service.

November 2019 concept
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